Subversion Tip: Fix Missing Date and Author in Svn Log

If you are trying to use the svn log command and the output is missing the author and date fields like the following example:

c:working> svn log
r8 | (no author) | (no date) | 1 line
r7 | (no author) | (no date) | 1 line
r6 | (no author) | (no date) | 1 line
r5 | (no author) | (no date) | 1 line
r4 | (no author) | (no date) | 1 line
r3 | (no author) | (no date) | 1 line
r2 | (no author) | (no date) | 1 line
r1 | (no author) | (no date) | 1 line

More than likely your Anonomous Access is set to Read.

Change this to None to prevent this problem.

If you are using a client like TortoiseSVN you may need to clear any cached logs.

In TortoiseSVN go to the settings screen and look for the Cached Repositories node. Then select and delete the repository you just fixed.

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Avoid Spam: Make Bugzilla Private

Bugzilla is a great bug tracking system. But when you open an account, it doesn’t automatically have your privacy in mind. In fact without taking a couple short steps, your email addresses will actually be visible to the public. This is an open invitation to spam.

Consider what the Privacy Notice email says:

PRIVACY NOTICE: Bugzilla is an open bug tracking system. Activity on most bugs, including email addresses, will be visible to the public. We recommend using a secondary account or free web email service (such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, or similar) to avoid receiving spam at your primary email address.

Yikes! Why use the software at all? I have to set up new email accounts just to accommodate all the spam I’ll get?

Don’t despair. There are only a couple steps you need to take to make your Bugzilla private.

From the Bugzilla Main Page, follow this..

Administration -> Parameters -> User Authentication

Scroll down the page to this field:

Hit the “ON” button. (You want to turn on the requirelogin feature.)

Next find this field:

Delete the contents of the field. (Delete the “ .* “)

There you go! Two easy steps.

Spam can be a headache. As an administrator you want to keep all activity on Bugzilla private, for yourself and all involved with your project. Take these two steps first.


devZing Internship 1.0

I’m excited to announce that devZing is looking for its first intern. If you aren’t aware devZing is an up and coming hosted development tools service provider. We provide hosted Bugzilla, MantisBT and Subversion for teams that need a hosted solution.

We are growing quickly and could use some help in areas like: website design, SEO/SEM, screen casts and Ad Words. I know there are smart people out there who know this stuff but need a little more solid experience on their resume and I’d like to help. If you are in school and have a formal internship program and you are seleted I’ll do my best to figure out a way to get you credits.

I’m not limiting the internship to just these areas. If you have a great idea go ahead and pitch it to me.

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Subversion Hooks – Workflow for your code

Subversion hooks are processes that run when certian events happen while using Subversion.
We have implemented two hooks for subverion.
The first is the clasic “require commit message” This hook allows you to require you users to provide a subversion commit message when they try to commit. And it won’t let them commit if they don’t provide a message.
The second is “email on commit” which allows you to provide one or more email addresses that have notifications sent to them every time someone commits a change.

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Bugzilla Hosting: All Instances Upgraded to 3.6.4

All Bugzilla hosting customers have been upgraded to Bugzilla 3.6.4. You can read more about the release at the Bugzilla site.

Some highlights:

  • When replying to a comment with a link like “attachment 1234 [details]”, the “[details]” link will no longer be duplicated in your reply. (Bug 474766)
  • Using Quicksearch no longer requires that the List::MoreUtils module be installed. (Bug 611129)
  • When using config.cgi?ctype=rdf, information about products now includesallows_unconfirmed. (Bug 610217)
  • When using tabular reports, any value whose name started with a period or an underscore wasn’t being displayed. (Bug 617684)

A number of changes were also release to address this security advisory:

  • A weakness in Bugzilla could allow a user to gain unauthorized access  to another Bugzilla account.
  • If you put a harmful “javascript:” or “data:” URL into Bugzilla’s “URL” field, then there are multiple situations in which Bugzilla will unintentionally make that link clickable.
  • Various pages lack protection against cross-site request forgeries.

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Bugzilla Problem: Bugzilla Always Prompting to Login

Having a probem where you can’t log in to your Bugzilla because it keeps asking you to log in? Your user name and password are correct because it dosen’t tell you that they are wrong, it just won’t let you in.

The most likely reason is that your ssl_redirect parameter is On, but your sslbase parameter is blank.

To test this try typing in the https version of your url e.g. and try logging on. If you are sucessful you will be able to navigate to the Administration page where you can either:

  • set the ssl_redirect parameter to Off, or
  • correctly fill out your sslbase parameter

Either will work, it just depends on whether you want a secure connection to your Bugzilla server.

Updated MantisBT Managment Page Now Available

devZing is happy to release an updated MantisBT management page. From this new management page you can specify a whole host of new settings that were previously unavailable. To access these settings login to your devZing account and click Manage Global Settings. If you don’t already have a devZing MantisBT account you can start a free trial at

Below you can find a list of all the settings now available:


Allow Signup: allow users to signup for their own accounts

Lost Password Feature: Setting to disable the ‘lost your password’ feature


Administrator Email: Administrator Email address

Webmaster Email: Webmaster email

From Email: the sender email, part of ‘From: ‘ header in emails

From Name: the sender name, part of ‘From: ‘ header in emails

Return Path Email: the return address for bounced mail

Display Settings

Window Title: browser window title

Admin Checks: Check for admin directory, database upgrades, etc.

Enable Project Documentation: Specifies whether to enable support for project documents or not

Show Footer Menu: Display another instance of the menu at the bottom. The top menu will still remain.

Show Project Menu Bar: show extra menu bar with all available projects

Show Assigned Names: show assigned to names. This is in the view all pages.

Show Priority Text: If ON shows priority as text. If OFF shows priority as icon.

Show Bug Project Links: show projects when in All Projects mode

Status Percentage Legend: Show a legend with percentage of bug status. x% of all bugs are new, y% of all bugs are assigned and so on. If set to ON it will printed below the status color legend.

Show Realname: show users with their real name or not

Sort by Last Name: sorting for names in dropdown lists. If turned on, ‘Jane Doe’ will be sorted with the ‘D’s

Show Avatar: Show user avatar. the current implementation is based on users will need to register there the same address used in this MantisBT installation to have their avatar shown.

Show Changelog Dates: Show release dates on changelog

Show Roadmap Dates: Show release dates on roadmap

Field Visibility

Enable Eta: Enable or disable usage of the ETA field.

Enable Projection: Enable or disable usage of the Projection field.

Enable Product Build: Enable or disable usage of the Product Build field.


Allow No Category: Allow a bug to have no category

Limit Reporters: Set to ON if you wish to limit reporters to only viewing bugs that they report.

Allow Close Immediately: Allow developers and above to close bugs immediately when resolving bugs

Allow Reporter Close: Allow reporters to close the bugs they reported, after they’re marked resolved.

Allow Reporter Reopen: Allow reporters to reopen the bugs they reported, after they’re marked resolved.

Allow Reporter Upload: Allow reporters to upload attachments to bugs they reported.

Allow Account Delete: Allow users to delete their own accounts


Rss Enabled: This flag enables or disables RSS syndication. In the case where RSS syndication is not used, it is recommended to set it to OFF.


Twitter Username: The twitter account user name. The integration with twitter allows for a MantisBT installation to post updates to a twitter account. This feature will be disabled if username is empty.

Twitter Password: The twitter account password.


Show Extended Project Browser: Shows only top projects in the project dropdown and adds an extra dropdown for subprojects.

Subprojects Inherit Categories: Sub-projects should inherit categories from parent projects.

Subprojects Inherit Versions: Sub-projects should inherit versions from parent projects.

Time Tracking

Time Tracking Enabled: Turn on Time Tracking accounting

Time Tracking with Billing: A billing sums

Time Tracking Stopwatch: Stop watch to build time tracking field

Time Tracking Without Note: allow time tracking to be recorded without a bugnote