Import a CSV file into MantisBT

​​First enable the import plugin

  • Log into Mantis
  • click Manage
  • click Manage Plugins
  • find Mantis CSV Importer 1.4.0 and click Install


Import your data

  • save your bug list as a CSV file – be sure to save one file per project otherwise you will have to reassign the bugs to the correct project one by one.
  • Log into Mantis
  • click Manage
  • choose the project that matches the file you want to import (top right dropdown)
  • click Import CSV file

import dialog

  • click Choose File and find the CSV file you saved earlier
  • click Upload File
  • match the columns from your file with the fields in MantisBT. Don’t choose the “ID” column as this is only used for updating existing bugs.
  • click Import File

Unvired MantisBT client for BlackBerry

Our friends at unvired have a great native BlackBerry client for MantisBT that works out of the box with our MantisBT hosting package.

With the unvired client you can access all project and bug information including attachments. Seamless offline viewing and data refresh. Works even without internet connectivity and will sync automatically whenever connectivity is detected. Fantastic UI with easily accessible dashboards and information at the click of a button.

Our MantisBT hosting plan is pre-configured to work with the BlackBerry client, no additional configuration required.

MantisBT 1.2.5 Available

The latest MantisBT release (1.2.5) is now available for all new devZing customers. Existing customers will be upgraded over the next few weeks.

Updated MantisBT Managment Page Now Available

devZing is happy to release an updated MantisBT management page. From this new management page you can specify a whole host of new settings that were previously unavailable. To access these settings login to your devZing account and click Manage Global Settings. If you don’t already have a devZing MantisBT account you can start a free trial at

Below you can find a list of all the settings now available:


Allow Signup: allow users to signup for their own accounts

Lost Password Feature: Setting to disable the ‘lost your password’ feature


Administrator Email: Administrator Email address

Webmaster Email: Webmaster email

From Email: the sender email, part of ‘From: ‘ header in emails

From Name: the sender name, part of ‘From: ‘ header in emails

Return Path Email: the return address for bounced mail

Display Settings

Window Title: browser window title

Admin Checks: Check for admin directory, database upgrades, etc.

Enable Project Documentation: Specifies whether to enable support for project documents or not

Show Footer Menu: Display another instance of the menu at the bottom. The top menu will still remain.

Show Project Menu Bar: show extra menu bar with all available projects

Show Assigned Names: show assigned to names. This is in the view all pages.

Show Priority Text: If ON shows priority as text. If OFF shows priority as icon.

Show Bug Project Links: show projects when in All Projects mode

Status Percentage Legend: Show a legend with percentage of bug status. x% of all bugs are new, y% of all bugs are assigned and so on. If set to ON it will printed below the status color legend.

Show Realname: show users with their real name or not

Sort by Last Name: sorting for names in dropdown lists. If turned on, ‘Jane Doe’ will be sorted with the ‘D’s

Show Avatar: Show user avatar. the current implementation is based on users will need to register there the same address used in this MantisBT installation to have their avatar shown.

Show Changelog Dates: Show release dates on changelog

Show Roadmap Dates: Show release dates on roadmap

Field Visibility

Enable Eta: Enable or disable usage of the ETA field.

Enable Projection: Enable or disable usage of the Projection field.

Enable Product Build: Enable or disable usage of the Product Build field.


Allow No Category: Allow a bug to have no category

Limit Reporters: Set to ON if you wish to limit reporters to only viewing bugs that they report.

Allow Close Immediately: Allow developers and above to close bugs immediately when resolving bugs

Allow Reporter Close: Allow reporters to close the bugs they reported, after they’re marked resolved.

Allow Reporter Reopen: Allow reporters to reopen the bugs they reported, after they’re marked resolved.

Allow Reporter Upload: Allow reporters to upload attachments to bugs they reported.

Allow Account Delete: Allow users to delete their own accounts


Rss Enabled: This flag enables or disables RSS syndication. In the case where RSS syndication is not used, it is recommended to set it to OFF.


Twitter Username: The twitter account user name. The integration with twitter allows for a MantisBT installation to post updates to a twitter account. This feature will be disabled if username is empty.

Twitter Password: The twitter account password.


Show Extended Project Browser: Shows only top projects in the project dropdown and adds an extra dropdown for subprojects.

Subprojects Inherit Categories: Sub-projects should inherit categories from parent projects.

Subprojects Inherit Versions: Sub-projects should inherit versions from parent projects.

Time Tracking

Time Tracking Enabled: Turn on Time Tracking accounting

Time Tracking with Billing: A billing sums

Time Tracking Stopwatch: Stop watch to build time tracking field

Time Tracking Without Note: allow time tracking to be recorded without a bugnote

New MantisBT Management Page

While MantisBT is a great bug tracker, there are a number of settings that aren’t available in the standard user interface. Typically you need access to the config_inc.php file on the server. Rather than make you learn PHP there is a new management page available from your settings page:

Click the “Manage Global Settings” link and you’ll see the new options you can control.
Allow Signup controls the ability of end users to request a MantisBT account on your system. This is turned off by default.
The various email settings apply in different places around the system.
You may want to change the “From” and “Return Path” settings to your email so you are notified when messages bounce and your users can get a hold of you easier.
Thanks and let me know of any other settings you’d like to see here.

MantisBT Upgraded to 1.2.0

There are many new features added to 1.2.0, including:

  • Global categories available to all projects, as well as project categories inheriting from parent projects to child projects; both are optional
  • Tracked change history for textarea fields (Description, etc) and bug notes
  • Customizable sets of columns for View Issues page and export formats
  • Combined simple and advanced views into a single, configurable view that allows selecting exactly what fields to show or hide
  • Improved roadmap and changelog pages, including version release dates, and permalinks to individual versions
  • Marking versions as obsolete to hide them from the roadmap and changelog
  • More configuration options for rebranding MantisBT installations
  • Improved support for UTF-8 localizations and content
  • Implemented custom search providers for Firefox and Internet Explorer
  • Implemented localized timestamps using according to user-preferred timezones

Full Changelog

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