MantisBT Upgraded to 1.2.0

There are many new features added to 1.2.0, including:

  • Global categories available to all projects, as well as project categories inheriting from parent projects to child projects; both are optional
  • Tracked change history for textarea fields (Description, etc) and bug notes
  • Customizable sets of columns for View Issues page and export formats
  • Combined simple and advanced views into a single, configurable view that allows selecting exactly what fields to show or hide
  • Improved roadmap and changelog pages, including version release dates, and permalinks to individual versions
  • Marking versions as obsolete to hide them from the roadmap and changelog
  • More configuration options for rebranding MantisBT installations
  • Improved support for UTF-8 localizations and content
  • Implemented custom search providers for Firefox and Internet Explorer
  • Implemented localized timestamps using according to user-preferred timezones

Full Changelog

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