September Downtime Notice

We have scheduled a 6 hour downtime window on Sunday Sept 28 starting at 02:00 GMT. During this downtime we will be performing some major infrastructure upgrades including: New redundant routers, switches and firewalls. 10Gbps Internet connectivity to multiple carriers. New redundant 8Gbps fiber channel switching fabrics (A and B side fabrics) for storage. 5 […]

All Bugzilla Accounts Upgraded to 4.4.5

Bugzilla 4.4.5 is a security release which addresses the following issue: Adobe does not properly restrict the SWF file format, which allows remote attackers to conduct cross-site request forgery (CSRF) attacks against Bugzilla’s JSONP endpoint, possibly obtaining sensitive bug information, via a crafted OBJECT element with SWF content satisfying the character-set requirements of a callback API. For more details see: […]

Bugzilla API for Haskell

Version of this package has been released. A Haskell interface to the Bugzilla native REST API This package is designed to provide an easy-to-use, typesafe interface to querying Bugzilla from Haskell. See: Or at Github:  

Bugzilla XMLRPC access module for Python

python-bugzilla 1.1.0 is a Bugzilla XMLRPC access module for python that provides a kinda pythonic interface to Bugzilla over XMLRPC. It was originally written specifically for Red Hat’s Bugzilla instance, but it is intended to work with any bugzilla instance.

Bugzilla 4.4 Released

Welcome to Bugzilla 4.4! This new major release comes with several new features and improvements. This release contains major improvements to WebServices, which was the main target in this release, a rewritten tagging system, a real MIME type auto-detection for attachments, performance improvements and lots of other enhancements. Allow Multiple Search Criteria to Match one Field […]

Bugzilla 4.2 Released

The Bugzilla team announced the release of Bugzilla 4.2. The devZing team will be evaluating this release before scheduling upgrades for existing customers. If you are interested in upgrading right away please contact support.
New features:

You can…

Bugzilla 4.0.5 Released

The Bugzilla team has released a security fix for Bugzilla 4.0.x.

A CSRF vulnerability in the implementation of the XML-RPC API when running under mod_perl could be used to make changes to bugs or execute some admin tasks without the victim’s knowled…

All Instances upgraded to 4.0.4

All Bugzilla hosting customers have been upgraded to Bugzilla 4.0.4.
You can read more about the release at the Bugzilla site.
A number of changes were released to address this

When a user creates a new acc…

December Downtime, Revised

Please be advised that there will be an extended system outage starting December 10 03:00 UTC (Dec 9 22:00 New York, Dec 10 14:00 Sydney).
This downtime will last approximately 10 hours.
During this time all equipment will be moved to a new data cente…