Monthly Archives: April 2011

devZing Internship 1.0

I’m excited to announce that devZing is looking for its first intern. If you aren’t aware devZing is an up and coming hosted development tools service provider. We provide hosted Bugzilla, MantisBT and Subversion for teams that need a hosted solution.

We are growing quickly and could use some help in areas like: website design, SEO/SEM, screen casts and Ad Words. I know there are smart people out there who know this stuff but need a little more solid experience on their resume and I’d like to help. If you are in school and have a formal internship program and you are seleted I’ll do my best to figure out a way to get you credits.

I’m not limiting the internship to just these areas. If you have a great idea go ahead and pitch it to me.

Ready to find out more? Either use the contact link or send me an email at

Subversion Hooks – Workflow for your code

Subversion hooks are processes that run when certian events happen while using Subversion.
We have implemented two hooks for subverion.
The first is the clasic “require commit message” This hook allows you to require you users to provide a subversion commit message when they try to commit. And it won’t let them commit if they don’t provide a message.
The second is “email on commit” which allows you to provide one or more email addresses that have notifications sent to them every time someone commits a change.

Why not try out our Subversion Hosting?

MantisBT 1.2.5 Available

The latest MantisBT release (1.2.5) is now available for all new devZing customers. Existing customers will be upgraded over the next few weeks.