Monthly Archives: September 2015

Access Bugzilla from Perl

BZ-Client 2 is now available in a developer release on CPAN and GitHub.


my $client = BZ::Client->new( url => $url,
user => $user,
password => $password,
autologin => 0
$ids = [ 69, 101 ];
my $bugs = BZ::Client::Bug->get( $client, $ids );


Access Bugzilla from Python

The python-bugzilla package is available on GitHub or PyPi

pip install python-bugzilla

This package provides two bits:

  • ‘bugzilla’ python module for talking to a Bugzilla instance over XMLRPC
  • /usr/bin/bugzilla command line tool for performing actions from the command line: create or edit bugs, various queries, etc.

This was originally written specifically for Red Hat’s Bugzilla instance and is used heavily at Red Hat and in Fedora, but it should still be generically useful.


import bugzilla
bz = bugzilla.Bugzilla(url="")
print bz.getbug(1)