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Bugzilla Tip: Deleting An Attachment

How do you delete an attachment on a Bugzilla entry? Good question!

Attachments in Bugzilla are used to help document a bug. Whether the document you’ve attached was the wrong screenshot, or was attached to the wrong bug record, was uploaded in error (a picture of you and friends out for some Thai food), or perhaps something an employee maliciously wanted to put in to get back at you, you have the wrong document. Time to delete. What do you do?

The answer is just a bit different for the administrator than for the non-administrator.


Administrators may easily delete a bug attachment.

First give yourself the ability to delete attachments.

From the Main Page… Administration -> Parameters. Select “Attachments” on the left-hand table.

Scroll down just a bit to “allow_attachment_deletion”.

Turn this feature “on”.

Find the bug with the wayward attachment and click the Details link on the right side of the attachment. Below the Comment box you will see a link to Delete the attachment. Click the link (you may enter a reason for deletion if you want) and click Yes, delete. Your attachment is gone.


As a non-administrator you can’t really delete an attachment; all you can do is mark it “Obsolete.” This really only hides the attachment unless you click the Show Obsolete button, but it does keep it from being front and center.

Open the bug. (Go to the “Bug List” page, find the “Summary” of the bug and click the link. This opens the bug.)

Information about the attachment appears at the bottom of the bug page. Click the details link next to the attachment.

Then click edit details to show the obsolete check box.

Select the “Obsolete” check box.

Click Submit to save your changes.

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Bugzilla Tip: Watch Another User

Did you know you can track the emails another Bugzilla user receives?

If you are part of a team which uses Bugzilla, and (for instance) another Bugzilla user on your team goes on a vacation, you can see the emails Bugzilla sends to that team member.. You can “watch” other user’s Bug Mail.

Bugzilla’s “User Watching” feature controls this.

In order to watch others, do this…

Preferences -> Email Preferences

Scroll down to the “User Watching” section.

In the User Watching section you see a field with all user email addresses. Select the email addresses of the users you want to watch. (Use Ctrl-left click to select more than one user email address.) Click the Submit Changes button. Another field appears which displays the users you now watch.

You will receive a copy of all the email those users are sent. Any event that would trigger an email to them triggers an email to you.

Note that the user you are watching can see that you are watching them.

How do I “unwatch” a user?

In the “User Watching” section, look for “You are watching everyone in the following list:”. The field below this lists the users you watch. Select the users you no longer want to watch. (Ctrl-left click to select more than one.) Check “Remove selected users from my watch list” then click “Submit Changes”.