About devZing

devZing provides hosting for Bugzilla, MantisBT and Subversion. We manage the servers, keep the software up-to-date and backup the data. We also help you use the software effectively. We’ve been using these tools for years and are happy to help you change configuration or just answer a question.

devZing is a service of Wayne Allen Enterprises, not surprisingly owned and operated by Wayne Allen. Wayne is a 20 year software development veteran. He knows good tooling is important to a sucessful project. He also knows that those tools can require time and attention away from more important things. Let devZing take these tasks off your plate so you can build great software.

Software Development – Simplified Unlimited projects and users with the tool(s) of your choice for as little as $10 per month. We handle the hosting, upgrades and backups – you make your product better.